Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The difference between Boris Johnson and Winston Churchill

Conservative Home today make a bold attempt to compare Boris Johnson to Winston Churchill.

Now while I'll admit that there is a a slight similarity in Boris and Winston's use of language, there is one other fairly significant difference between the two.

You see Winston Churchill is best known for leading an embattled people through the toughest war in our history.

Boris Johnson is known for painting some blue strips on the road.


Inkelectric said...

But hang on, Winston Churchill didn't think of a cycle hire scheme for London. Then again, neither did Boris.

AdamB said...

Winston didn't put adverts for banks on the side of RAF planes either, so Boris has one up on him there.

Steve said...

But they have both banished Germans from our shores.

In Churchill's case it was money well spent. In BoJo's case (bendy buses) it's complete squandering of taxpayers' money.