Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ken Livingstone and a reality deficit

Watching the Conservatives attack Ken Livingstone for saying he'll only reveal his plans *after* the election is a bit like watching Press TV man Andrew Gilligan attack Ken for er... appearing on Press TV.

It's an amusing but ultimately pointless exercise in irony

However, if Ken is to avoid the perception that he's all out of ideas then he will need a much more coherent message than the one he delivers in this Mayorwatch interview.

Just pledging to fight against the cuts is not going to be enough to win re-election and Ken needs to spell out his plans in a far clearer way than the Conservatives dared to before the General Election.

I've written more about the reality deficit facing both Ken and Boris over at The Scoop.


Chris said...

Ken must be pleased at all the publicity the Tories have been giving him recently.

buddyhell said...

I never tire of posting that clip of Gilligan on my blog. But is it possible that Gilly is suffering from selective amnesia?

greg tingey said...

Quote from P. Tatchell re a friend of Ken's:
"al-Qaradawi's support for "female genital mutilation, wife-beating, the execution of homosexuals in Islamic states, the destruction of the Jewish people, the use of suicide bombs against innocent civilians and the blaming of rape victims who do not dress with sufficient modesty"

Ken STILL refuses to dissociate himself from this primitive fascist religious bigot.

Why should ANY right-thinking person ,of ANY political persuasion be inclined to vote for him?