Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ken Livingstone confirms Lee Jasper will not return

Ken Livingstone has confirmed that he will not re-appoint his disgraced former aide Lee Jasper if re-elected next year.

A spokesperson for Livingstone said today:

"No. Ken has made it clear that if he wins the Mayoral election next year there will be a new team at City Hall. Lee Jasper has moved on, he isn’t working for Ken and won’t be part of his team at City Hall."

The comments follow a rather hopeful blog post from Andrew Gilligan claiming that "the signs have been growing that Ken, if re-elected, is preparing to do what he promised in 2008 – and bring Jasper back."

Quite what these "signs" are and where they have been growing isn't exactly made clear, especially as Gilligan's former paper reported that Jasper will not return three months ago.

Even more mysteriously, Team Ken tell me that Gilligan did not even bother to ask them whether Jasper would be returning before posting his story.

Disgraced Mayoral aide returns

Meanwhile, another disgraced Mayoral aide accused of financial and sexual misconduct, falsifying a CV and using homophobic, sexist and racist language did actually return to City Hall last year.

The "signs" of Ray Lewis's return were fairly easy to spot on the websites of the BBC, Evening Standard and elsewhere but for some reason Andrew Gilligan failed to pick them up.

Now I wonder why that could be?


Appealing of Ealing said...

"Ken Livingstone has confirmed that he will not re-appoint his disgraced former aide Lee Jasper if re-elected next year."

Great! Well, if you happen to hear of anything that he will do if re-elected, be sure to come back and tell us.

After his great WEZ u-turn (oh how we all loved that one), I could even be persuaded to vote for him....em...NOT!

AdamB said...

Always happy to keep you informed AofE. Here's the other stories I've done on him recently at The Scoop:

Ken under fire for Thames Gateway Bridge Proposal:


Ken's C-charge U-turn + Silvertown, DLR etc:


Appealing of Ealing said...

Good articles.

It's great to see Ken finally connect with his inner petrolhead.

I get the impression the man has lost his bearings, not to mention his marbles.

I don't think it's an unrelated point to say one might well be suspicious of a man who is still so hungry for power even after a lifetime of exercising it.

AdamB said...

"a man who is still so hungry for power even after a lifetime of exercising it."

Almost like he's a politician...

Anonymous said...

I might not agree with a lot of what you say Adam, but good retort to AofE, 'Almost like he's a politician... :o)

greg tingey said...

What it boils down to, is that come the 2912 elections for mayor, what's the choice?

A lying buffoon, with some very unpleasant friends, especially from Barnet, or another liar who crawls to misogynistic supporters of murdering terrorism ... or (who IS the Lem-O-Crat candidate) ??

I think it might be time for:
Don't you?

Lee Jasper said...

Ken Livingstone has confirmed that he will not re-appoint his disgraced former aide Lee Jasper if re-elected next year.

Adam you use the word disgraced so I take it this is your view if so how so? I am not aware of any disgraceful behavior on my part and you seem to have dismissed the racist campaign conducted by the Standard. In what way do you say Im disgraced Adam?

AdamB said...

You did have to resign didn't you Lee? That's pretty disgraceful in most peoples books.

Lee Jasper said...

Come on Adam i resigned to protect my family from the pressures resulting from a four month press campaign. Answer the question Adam

AdamB said...

Nothing to do with those emails then?

Lee Jasper said...

Dear oh dear Adam

one mail to a friend I have known for 30 years. Spell out out Adam in what way do you consider along with Gilligan = that I am "disgraced". What I want is a detailed answer from you before I respond. I want to be clear .

You write the articles, its your blog and you have described me as a 'disgrace'. No I don't know about you but I think that my inquiry deserves a serious response. You have never contacted me to discuss these issues nor was I informed that you were intending to write about me. Fair enough its a blog and your not a national newspaper nevertheless I would expect that common courtesy would at least compel you to provide an serious answer to a serious question.

So come on Adam if you are prepared to write articles that label people in this way then you can expect to be challenged and held to account. That you have called me a ' disgrace ' and have to date refused to respond seriously to my request to explain yourself speaks volumes.

I reject your ' disgraced " label but what is pretty disgraceful is your failure to offer anything by way of response to my inquiry, other than one line derisory answers. I think that demonstrates a degree of contempt on your part.

This is not going away Adam so treat it seriously. All I want is your detailed justification for labeling me a ' disgrace" in the context of the Ken Livingstone story. Now that's not too much to ask is it?

AdamB said...

What exactly was I meant to contact you about Lee? I've written nothing that isn't a matter of public record.

I believe it's fair to describe you as "disgraced" given the circumstances of your departure and you don't. There isn't really anything else to discuss, unless you have something to say about the actual story itself of course: that Ken Livingstone won't be re-employing you if he's elected.

Lee Jasper said...


Clearly you have your view and your entitled to it. I reject as I stated a thousand and one occasionsblack men get described as a ' disgarace' based on a differnt standard to everyone else. My crime? and email that was not described by the recipient as offensive and the rest is complete crap. That you would choose to believe that crap is illuminating.

Of course your poor understanding of the realiity racism informs your judgelment in my view and that is reflected in the fact that your blog rarely if ever covers race equality issues that impact the lives of millions of Londoners. I think that this general bias in your reporting informs you assement of me. When it comes to racism in London your blogs silence is deafening.

Now that is a real disgrace Adam...

Lee jasper said...

Having searched your site. Thats quite an achievement given London is the most multi cultural city on the planer. I cant find a single article on racism in London or on a race equality issue on your blog. Can you list any artcile you may have written on racism or race equality generally. ?

Lee Jasper said...

Lee Jasper and ay Lewis I see qualify for your definition of discraced Adam. Is there a black person in politics in London on your site whom you have supported?

AdamB said...

Lee you are entering (if it is really you and not somebody having a wind-up) the realm of self-parody. I have written dozens of articles exposing the BNP in London and called plenty of white people disgraced. You are not doing yourself any favours.