Thursday, 14 July 2011

Conservative London Assembly Members storm out of meeting

The London Assembly descended into almost Ukranian style disorder yesterday when three senior Conservatives stormed out, slamming desks and hurling abuse as they went.

The statutory Deputy Mayor Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor for Policing Kit Malthouse and the Chair of the London Fire Authority Brian Coleman all clashed with the two elected Chairs of the Assembly.

Brian Coleman's microphone was cut as he began one tirade and the camera quickly panned away as the leader of the Conservative group James Cleverly unsuccessfully tried to calm him down.

He was later seen jabbing his finger and remonstrating with City Hall lawyers off screen about the dispute.

After a second clash between Barnes and Jennette Arnold, all three men left the chamber with Coleman turning to accuse Deputy Chair Dee Doocey of "never being in this building" since accepting a peerage.

Doocey described this as a "complete and absolute lie" and is believed to be considering a complaint against him.

This is the second time that the un-ennobled Coleman has clashed with the newly ennobled Baroness Doocey. He has also regularly clashed with other members during meetings.

Last year a complaint was submitted against Coleman after he was accused of reducing a member of the canteen staff at Fire Brigade headquarters to tears.

The woman concerned later decided not to pursue the issue.


Joshua Fenton-Glynn said...

This should be shown to every voter in London. Ken was often accused of arrogance but the attitude shown here was truly alarming.

Redshift said...

What a burke....