Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Boris Johnson comes out against his own police cuts

Boris Johnson is hitting the headlines this morning for attacking the govenment's planned police cuts. 

“If you ask me whether I think there is a case for cutting police budgets in the light of these event, then my answer to that would be no. I think that case was always pretty frail, and it has been substantially weakened… This is not a time to think about making substantial cuts in police numbers."

Except it isn't the government that sets the police budget in London. It's Boris. And Boris isn't increasing the number of police officers in London. He's cutting them:

That's a 4% reduction in police officers and PCSOs in the past year alone.

He's also implementing cuts to safer neighbourhood teams and police station front desks.

If Boris wants to stop these things then he doesn't need to lobby David Cameron on the Today Programme.

He just needs to stop the very cuts that he himself is implementing.