Friday, 30 September 2011

Boris Johnson on giving money to charity: "I've been raped!"

He told bankers to "palliate their guilt" by donating to his Mayor's Fund, but it turns out that Boris Johnson is far less keen on giving to charity himself.

"Strongarmed" by his then aide Nick Boles to give up a fifth of his £250,000 Daily Telegraph earnings to charity Boris is said to have exclaimed:

"It's outrageous! I've been raped! I've been raped!"

Boris apparently bitterly resents what he calls this "Boles Tax" and has so far only donated a fraction of the sums he publicly committed to.

According to a new biography written by his former Telegraph colleague Sonia Purnell, Boris has:

"donated only a total of £20,000 over three years  (compared to the £75,000 pledged) to fund six bursaries for a sports journalism course at the College of Communications, with another final sum of £10,000 expected. He has also not given 'nearly as much' as £75,000 to a new charity set up by Friends of Classics to support Latin and Greek teaching in state schools"

Boris has also apparently made no commitment to continue these donations if re-elected.

You can read more about this and other embarrassing claims in Just Boris: The Irresistible Rise of a Political Celebrity which can be ordered from Amazon over here.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Boris Johnson has his "cones hotline" moment

Boris Johnson has pledged to renew his "war on roadworks" by er, setting up a new version of the cones hotline. 

According to the Evening Standard:

"Under the Reportit scheme, signs are being put on roads encouraging people to identify utility companies they think are defying a new code of practice... A City Hall source added: "It's the ultimate in guerrilla tactics."

Yep it's the ultimate in guerilla tactics as practiced by that well known guerilla fighter John Major.

Major's Cones Hotline was labeled "the most ridiculed policy ever" after it emerged that just five of 17,000 calls made to it resulted in any cones being removed.

Boris's latest website will be hoping for a slightly better hit rate than that.

But if his other website-based schemes are anything to go by then Boris's new "war on roadworks" is likely to go the same way as John Major's.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Boris Johnson's "electric revolution" has more charge points than members

Boris Johnson's plan to "rapidly accelerate" the use of electric vehicles in London appears to have ground to a halt, after figures revealed the scheme has more charge points than members.

Launched by the Mayor last year, "Source London" now has 207 electric charging points but just 205 registered members.

The tiny level of interest in the scheme was revealed by the London Assembly following a question by Liberal Democrat AM Caroline Pidgeon.

Under the scheme, members pay an annual fee of £100 to use the Mayor's network of charge points. 

However, today's figures suggest that less than 1% of electric or hybrid owners in London have signed up so far.

Boris had originally intended to oversee the installation of 7500 new charging points in London but scaled back his ambitions to just 1300 new points following local opposition and cuts to the budget.

However, the public indifference to the scheme revealed today, suggests that even this modest aim may have been reaching too far.