Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Boris Johnson has his "cones hotline" moment

Boris Johnson has pledged to renew his "war on roadworks" by er, setting up a new version of the cones hotline. 

According to the Evening Standard:

"Under the Reportit scheme, signs are being put on roads encouraging people to identify utility companies they think are defying a new code of practice... A City Hall source added: "It's the ultimate in guerrilla tactics."

Yep it's the ultimate in guerilla tactics as practiced by that well known guerilla fighter John Major.

Major's Cones Hotline was labeled "the most ridiculed policy ever" after it emerged that just five of 17,000 calls made to it resulted in any cones being removed.

Boris's latest website will be hoping for a slightly better hit rate than that.

But if his other website-based schemes are anything to go by then Boris's new "war on roadworks" is likely to go the same way as John Major's.

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