Monday, 31 October 2011

Boris Johnson denies being "The Mayor" in security pass row

Lynton Crosby ID photo
Boris Johnson has denied requesting a City Hall security pass for his campaign manager Lynton Crosby despite an email from his aide, explicitly revealing his request.

The message from Boris's executive assistant Ann Sindall, released to this blog under Freedom of Information, states that:

"The Mayor would like Lynton Crosby to be issued with a security pass for 6 months, renewable. Do you need me to bring down the form too?"

However, the Mayor now claims that "The Mayor" referred to in this email was not himself, The Mayor, but his deceased former chief of staff Sir Simon Milton.

According to a statement by City Hall's monitoring officer:

"upon receiving a request from Sir Simon Milton, who, as the Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning, was, quite properly, deemed to be acting and speaking on behalf of the Mayor, the Executive Assistant to the Mayor then presented, in good faith, the request for the pass as being on behalf of the Mayor... I have been assured that the Mayor himself was never involved in discussions on this matter."

When first asked how Lynton Crosby was given an access all areas City Hall pass, a spokesperson claimed that it had been "mistakenly" approved by an "admin officer" and was "swiftly" removed when senior officials were made aware of it.

However, FOI requests by this blog have revealed that the pass was actually personally requested by "the Mayor" and signed off by his chief of staff.

Faced with these facts, the Mayor is now denying that he is "The Mayor" and has instead sought to blame a man who can no longer answer these questions himself.

Simon Milton was a close and respected aide to Boris Johnson, known for his competency and professionalism.

Ann Sindall meanwhile has been Boris Johnson's personal assistant and gatekeeper since his time at The Spectator and is so valued by Boris that he has apparently nicknamed her his "be-all and Sindall".

The idea that both Sindall or Milton would have gained a staff pass for Lynton Crosby without any discussion with, or request from, their boss does not stand up to scrutiny.

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-Update- The Independent today carries the following:

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