Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Boris Johnson refuses to reveal City Hall meetings with Lynton Crosby

Boris Johnson has refused to reveal how many meetings he has held with his campaign manager in City Hall, despite a Freedom of Information request from this blog.

Asked to list meetings between Boris, his staff and Lynton Crosby since May 2008 his office replied that:

I refer you to the Mayor's recent answer to a Mayor's Question from John Biggs:

Which states simply that Boris has met him "on a very few occasions."

However, while unwilling to reveal the details of Boris's meetings with Mr Crosby they did reveal that:

"In terms of the Mayor's staff, the Mayor's Private Secretary met Lynton Crosby once to cover diary requests for the use of his time on 26 September 2011 at City Hall. Sir Edward Lister also attended this meeting, which lasted under 30 minutes. The Mayor's Private Secretary and Chief of Staff were both conducting this meeting in support of the office of Mayor. "

So why can they list meetings that the Mayor's staff have had with Mr Crosby but not meetings the Mayor himself has had with him?

And why is the Mayor's Chief of Staff, a politically restricted post, holding meetings with Boris's election campaign manager anyway?

Well unfortunately I can't tell you. According to their response:

"These meetings were not documented."

So that's a meeting inside City Hall between a senior non-political officer and the chief of Boris's political campaign, and nobody thought to take minutes?

The more they try to avoid answering these questions, the more it looks like they've got something to hide.

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