Thursday, 12 January 2012

Boris Johnson launches campaign for something that will happen anyway

Boris Johnson has called on his supporters to launch a letter-writing campaign for something that will happen anyway.

In an email to supporters, Boris's campaign chief Lynton Crosby claims that "he needs your help" in order to freeze the Mayor's share of the council tax precept.

"he wants to freeze your council tax - for the fourth year in a row. But he needs your help. His budget needs to be approved in a vote by London Assembly members... Boris will work hard to persuade them that your council tax should be frozen. But in 11 years, Labour have never once voted in favour of freezing your council tax...

You can help by writing to your Assembly member and urging them to vote for the Mayor’s budget, so send an email to your Assembly member now:"

Except Boris doesn't need his supporters' help to freeze the council tax. In fact he doesn't even need the Labour, Lib Dem, or Green Party's help.

Under the GLA act all he needs is more than one third of the London Assembly to support his budget and it passes.

And as Conservative London Assembly members make up more than one third of the Assembly,  his budget will pass regardless of whether the other parties support it.

As it has done for the past the past three years!

So unless the Tory AMs are planning to oppose their own Mayor's precept freeze then Boris Johnson's supporters can save themselves a lot of pen, ink and tweets:

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