Sunday, 8 January 2012

How Boris Johnson also uses "Tourette's" slur

David Cameron is in trouble this morning for comparing Ed Balls to a Tourette's sufferer.

However in this matter he is one step behind his rival Boris Johnson. 

Two years ago during Mayor's Questions he said of London Assembly Member John Biggs:

"He keeps up a constant babble like he is a Tourettes syndrome fellow. He is like an old chap on a park bench rambling. I do not mind. We have to put up with it. It is care in the community!"

His comments were greeted with loud guffaws from Tory London Assembly Members, as they were when he repeated them almost word for word several months later:

"In spite of old care in the community here [gestures to John Biggs AM] with Tourettes and his constant barracking, I think we run a very harmonious operation."

David Cameron has swiftly apologised for his offensive comments. Two years on, there's little sign that Boris Johnson will ever do the same.


AdamB said...

Good piece on this from Mayorwatch last year:

Jennie Kermode said...

Don't forget that Cameron has done this before. This is what he said during the fox hunting debates of 2002:-

"Like a man possessed with an advanced case of Tourette syndrome, I have been shouting at traffic and assailing my fellow men (and women)."

Appealing of Ealing said...

"David Cameron has swiftly apologised for his offensive comments."

He shouldn't have apologized: the comment was humorous. Comparing Blinky Balls to a tourette's sufferer is in fact an expression of great generosity and philanthropy. Something grotesque and slimey green from a Hammer Horror swamp would be more appropriate.

Granted, Blinky's wreckless destruction of the country was no laughing matter, but po-faced socialism is so last century. Get with it!

AdamB said...

Long time no see AofE. I thought you'd expired.

Appealing of Ealing said...

...almost. Clinging on for dear life, this crazy diamond shines on.

Happy new election year. Looking forward to five months of positive campaigning.

AdamB said...

"Looking forward to five months of positive campaigning."

You're running then are you?