Friday, 13 January 2012

Why would anyone trust Boris Johnson to build a river crossing?

After four years of doing nothing, aside from cancel existing plans for a river crossing, Boris is now trying to convince us that he's the man to build another one:

 "within ten years."

Except he's already told us that *at most* he will only be in the job for another four years.

And even if he sticks around, why would you trust his pre-election promise on Silvertown Crossing this time, when he so blatantly broke his pre-election promises on Blackwall Tunnel last time?

And why would you trust such a huge project to a man who can't even set up a bike hire scheme or cable car without busting the budget?

And even if by some fluke the thing does get built on time and on budget, would it even be worth doing?

Because the Silvertown Crossing isn't a new river crossing in the same way that the Thames Gateway Bridge would have been.

It's essentially just a widening of the existing crossing at Blackwall, which would pump more traffic onto the same already massively congested approach roads.

But this is all by the by. The Silvertown Crossing isn't meant to be built. It's meant to make the Mayor appear like he's doing something for motorists and for SE London. 

And in that at least, the project has already been a resounding success.

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