Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Boris Johnson: taking over suburban trains is "not politically liveable"

Boris Johnson's plan to take over every rail service in London is "not politically liveable" according to er, Boris Johnson.

Asked a year ago whether he supported taking over suburban rail services he told the London Assembly:

I have to tell you, and I am going to be totally frank with you, in my conversations with Government and with the Department of Transport, I do not think I have yet received any kind of indication that they are anywhere near giving us control of all the railways, total control of all the railways, in London, because I am afraid there are implications for other passengers beyond London, and that is a difficult argument. I prefer to go down the route of saying that what we want is a stake in the franchising arrangements. For us now to say that we want  to take over every single railway in London and throughout the Greater London area is, I am afraid not politically liveable at the moment.

So what's changed in the past 12 months to make the unliveable now liveable?

Has the government suddenly decided that they want to give control of the suburban railways to Boris?

Well if they have, they're keeping it very quiet. So what else could it be?

Could it have anything to do with a certain election coming up that Boris is trailing in?

Surely Boris wouldn't risk making another load of wild transport promises before an election that he can't keep?

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anon said...

This is something I think will be promised at every GLA election for the next fifty years.