Thursday, 16 February 2012

Boris Johnson to save households 15p a week

Boris Johnson has dramatically upped the stakes in his bid for re-election by offering London households a whopping 64p off their council tax every month.

According to the Evening Standard:
"Savings of £150 million could potentially translate into a cut of around 10 per cent [off the GLA precept] over four years, though City Hall sources said some of that money could be spent elsewhere."

Boris Johnson's previous offer of 26p saving a month has so far failed to excite many voters, but the extra 38p could make all the difference.

A man queuing up to buy some peanuts told this blog:

"To be honest I thought Boris's offer of £3 a year for me to vote for him was pretty derisory, but now that he's offering me £7 a year to vote for him I think I might. 

Boris's plans to raise public transport fares by 2% above inflation every year for the forseeable future are expected to remain.


Appealing of Ealing said...

Yeah, like I was saying, how much do you think Livingstone would put council tax up by?

AdamB said...

Maybe you should ask him. I guess it would depend on whether the government keeps paying for a freeze or not.