Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Boris Johnson to save Londoners three whole pounds

In a truly momentous announcement, Boris Johnson today said that he would cut his share of the council tax by a whopping 1%.

Thousands of Londoners were set to storm City Hall in jubilation as they realised that Boris could save them an earth-shattering £3 for the entire year.

One commuter queueing up at one of London's lesser-spotted ticket offices told this blog:

"I was pretty angry about the hundreds of pounds Boris has cost me in fare increases, but now that he's offering me £3 back I think I can forgive him. I could almost afford a single tube ticket with that."

At almost one penny's worth of saving per household per day, Boris's precept cut is likely to transform the Mayoral race and possibly even the UK economy.

A spokesperson for Boris's campaign said:

"This shows that Boris Johnson is truly in touch with the pressures that ordinary Londoners face, unlike that Commie, North Korean, extremist, liar Ken Livingstone."

A source close to the Mayor denied that Boris will now also reverse his plan to raise fares by 2% above inflation every year for the foreseeable future.

"No of course we're still going ahead with that. What are we, made of money?"


Grateful of Bexley said...

Thanks Boris I will spend my £3 on a return bus ticket to the job centre.

AdamB said...

I think I'd use my 6p a week to save up for a family bag of peanuts.

DePiffle said...

Peanuts? I'd prefer to save mine for some chicken feed. How old will I be by the time all those £3.10s have added up to £250,000?

AdamB said...

About 80,000 years I believe

Appealing of Ealing said...

The City Hall share of council tax didn't go up at all under four years of Johnson. Under Livingstone it went up every year for eight years, costing the average household £964.

How many bus tickets could you have got with that? ...or bags of peanuts?

AdamB said...

Wow that's an outrageous figure if true. So outrageous in fact that Boris has er, knocked £3 off of it.

Annie Mole said...

Woohoo so many lovely things I can spend my three quid on in London ...... err ...... two large Mars Bars, erm ..... three McDonalds hamburgers ..... erm a cup of coffee in Costa -- can't wait this news has made my day. Cheers Boris.

Annie Mole said...

So many things in London I can spend my £3. This is a great windfall as far as I'm concerned. Going out to have a coffee at Costa to celebrate then will work out what to do with my leftover 1p. Cheers you've made my day