Friday, 17 February 2012

The Metro newspaper wants you to work for free

An exciting offer arrives by email from the Metro newspaper:

Hi Adam,

Metro are searching for writers and bloggers that have got something to say about the Olympics to contribute to our 2012 coverage. With the biggest sporting event to be held in London on the horizon we want to share your opinions and insights with Metro’s large audience.

Having looked high and low, reviewing blogs and searching out sport professionals, we found your website and would love it if you would like to get involved. Whilst you will not be paid for your posts, you will be set up with a profile page linking to your blog or website and your social media accounts - with the potential to reach thousands of readers under the Metro brand, the opportunity to grow your own following is there.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity please reply to this email expressing your interest and we will get back to you with further details. If you know anyone else that might be suitable please let us know too.

Kind Regards



To which I replied:

Dear Emma,
Thank you for your kind offer to work for the Metro for free. Sadly, in Britain we have this thing called the national minimum wage act, that requires employers to actually pay the people who work for them. You may find the following information useful:
If the Metro is willing to comply with the law and pay at least the minimum wage, then I will of course reconsider your offer.
Yours sincerely,
Adam Bienkov

The Metro is a highly successful and profitable newspaper that can easily afford to pay its contributors.

If it wants "writers, bloggers and sports professionals" to cover the Olympics for them, then maybe it should consider employing some.


geofftech said...

And don't fotget, they looked "High and low" before choosing you ... which is odd considering that they then also want to know if 'If you know anyone else that might be suitable please let us know too.' Uh huu...

AdamB said...

I know at least four other bloggers who got the same email yesterday. It was a standard-form email. Basically spam.

Anonymous said...

What an offer!

Robert said...

Some of us are working for benefits which is basically working for nothing, and working overtime as well.

Mark Morris said...

Some further information about how the Metro operates:

Rachella said...

Ha Ha! Unfortunately, this disgusting trend is becoming more common. I like your response, though. I may steal it.

Accidental Londoner said...

Yep, just received this 'kind offer' myself too. I wonder if other organisations, hospitals or banks for example, would invite people to work for free and expect them to jump at the chance...

Anonymous said...

I worked for the Metro *spit* giving out the crappy rage to unsuspecting customers. I was paid £8 per hour for 2.5 hours per day. That wasn't too bad but then I found out that they paid the people before us £10 per hour and then they "consulted" on wage cuts to a few pence about minimum wage. £10 per hour to £6 something and hour in the space of a few years. No wonder they're making a profit.

BristleKRS said...

I too worked handing out Metro ("street merchandising" they breezily called it). I left just as the 'consultations' came in.

I also worked directly for the paper in editorial. They paid less for writing the paper than they did for handing it out. A helpful illustration of corporate priorities.