Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Camerawoman confronts Guido Fawkes bloggers

A female journalist this morning confronted bloggers Paul Staines and Harry Cole of the Guido Fawkes blog after they rushed into a crowd at a mayoral campaign event causing her to be knocked over.

The camerawoman for ITV was kneeling down to sort out her equipment when a man dressed in a chicken suit accompanied by Cole and Staines barged into them.

She later told me that she was "shocked" by what had happened and had received a bash to her leg as they rushed in.

I managed to get some footage of her confronting Cole and Staines telling them that they "nearly broke my neck."

They didn't seem majorly concerned as you can see below.

(I've had some difficulty embedding this so you may need to click through to Youtube on some browsers.)

The footage also shows Paul Staines shouting "c***" at a Labour staffer. 

For some reason Cole's and Staines' own footage of their stunt doesn't include any of this. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they want to remind people that Boris Johnson thinks the £250,000 he earns in addition to his job as mayor is "Chicken Feed"?

Tim said...

There's much about this behaviour that warrants criticism, but the spin is dizzying, and deserves special mention; the @GuidoFawkes account this afternoon tweeted that the lady they knocked down hadn't really been knocked down because - by her own admission, you see - SHE WAS ALREADY ON THE GROUND, YOUR HONOUR (The jury gasps!)(dramatic sting) (cut to black) (ad break). Harry Cole under his own/main account pressed this point further, to the extent of portraying their critics/accusers (all Ken Livingstone's staff, obviously) as liars.

AdamB said...

They're liars and unpleasant liars at that. The woman was crouching down and was then knocked over. I spoke to her afterwards and she was quite angry about it. I had to explain to her who they were as she'd never heard of them.

Like most bullies they're also cowards. See how they react when she confronts them.

Mike said...

I suggest that, in repeatedly swearing at the staffer, Staines has breached Section 4A of the Public Order Act 1986. With a different recipient, it would have provoked an immediate violent response. Given the footage, can someone bring the charge?

Chris N said...

Mike, just the police/CPS I'm afraid.

I am pretty sure it does breach the Act, but it's pretty de minimis so wouldn't get anywhere.

Mr C Jenkins said...

When you look at these Tories in their entirety from the Bullingdon Club days right to the bare faced lies before and during the election campaign 2010 you will realise that these Tories behave more like a Mafi organisation.

Also you have to remember during the last Mayoral election Boris Johnson and other Tories accused Ken Livingstone and others of stealing City Hall funds. This started an investigation/enquiry that was in progress during that Mayoral election. Just after the Mayoral election and once Boris Johnson won that election and became Mayor for London that investigation/enquiry into Ken Livingston found him innocent of all charges and everything to do with City Hall funds was correct and totally above board. It is my personal opinion that Boris Johnson and others used dirty tricks throughout that last Mayoral election at Ken Livingstone's expense (Losing the Mayoralty).

It is now crystal clear that the Tories have started to use dirty tactics for this Mayoral election campaign and this thuggery and unacceptable behaviour by two Tories demonstrates that they have embarked on dirty tricks yet again trying to create a violent confrontation. Those two men should be arrested for such behaviour because it was breach of the peace with the objective of deliberately trying to cause confrontation.

Jimmy said...

You're right. The embedding thing is a bit hit and miss. For example I managed to put it on Guido's site but then for some reason it disappeared.

EtonMess said...

Guido Fawkes, charmining, not only didn't retract what he said, but repeated it on Twitter: