Monday, 25 June 2012

Boris's tax dodger "crackdown" over before it begins

During the campaign Boris Johnson told the BBC that he wanted a "crackdown on tax dodgers and tax avoiders of all kinds" accusing Ken Livingstone of using a private company to avoid paying income tax.

So how goes Boris's "crackdown" on tax avoidance?

Well so far he's failed to extend it to his own employees.

Asked by Labour AM Len Duvall "how many individuals across the GLA family receive their salary through a private company or as a “sole trader” as opposed to as a GLA employee paying PAYE tax?" he replied today that:

"In TfL as of May 2012 there are 1345 individuals being paid through a private company or as a sole trader."

So much for that crackdown.


Anonymous said...

Adam, what does "GLA family" mean though? It would be one thing if people on the GLA payroll (on an individual basis) were using private companies to reduce their tax liability. Another thing if small companies were doing work (eg contract work) as companies.

For example, if the GLA wanted to repaint a room and asked a painting company (which might be one or two people) to do it - it's fine if they're a company isn't it? And they'd be part of the 1345.

Perhaps I'm missing something though.

AdamB said...

The question was about individuals. If it included companies contracted the number would be far higher