Thursday, 12 July 2012

Boris Johnson: Mayor for the World

Earlier this year the Evening Standard revealed Ken Livingstone's scandalous plans to embark on a "world tour" if elected:

Labour's mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone today suggested one of his first jobs in office would be to take a “round the world” tour to drum up investment for London...

Bloody grandstanding socialist!

A spokesman for Boris Johnson’s re-election campaign said: "Londoners want a Mayor for London, not a Mayor for the world. Now Londoners can see what going back to Ken Livingstone would really mean."

Indeed. But hang on what's this in the Evening Standard just one month after the election (not available online for some reason)

A series of Prime Ministerial-style world trips? I thought "Londoners want a Mayor for London, not a Mayor for the world"?

And what's this in Boris's written answers to the London Assembly this month?

Stephen Knight: Can you confirm the foreign destinations you plan to visit over the coming months following press reports of “a series of prime ministerial-style foreign trips” to boost foreign direct investment in London?

Written response from the Mayor: Initially, I plan to visit India towards the end of 2012 and then in future years I am considering visits to the Middle East, Brazil and China, and quite possibly other locations. None of these are currently confirmed. I also plan to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos and possibly MIPIM in Cannes in future years.

And how is he going to pay for all this?

Funding will come from existing budgets, in addition to private sponsorship where possible and appropriate.

Where possible and appropriate? All aboard Barclays Bank's private jet then...

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