Monday, 30 July 2012

Media hype over Boris Johnson goes zoink

Following his barnstorming Hyde Park speech the papers are full of Olympic-sized hype about Boris at the moment.

The Independent are particularly vocal with it's columnist John Rentoul claiming that:

"Boris has the beginnings of a Churchillian stature about him. He now has the size of personality that is waiting for a crisis that will summon him to greatness."

Except Boris has already had several crises, none of which he has risen to.

Whether it be the scandal at the Met over phone hacking, which he dismissed as "codswallop" or the London riots, which he refused to return home to, Boris has a dreadful record on dealing with crisis.

And while Churchill is best known for saving the nation from foreign occupation, and defeating one of the most evil regimes in history, Boris is best known for setting up a bike hire scheme and painting some blue lines on the road.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of Rentoul's piece we learn that:

"Johnson [has] told aides that he intends to perform his mayoral duties on "an unofficial part-time basis after the Olympics"

An unofficial part-time basis? He's not exactly fighting them on the beaches is he?

The madness continues this morning in the Indy with the headline: "Boris favoured for Tory leader as Osborne tumbles."

Except if you actually read the whole piece you find that:

"49 per cent of members surveyed want the Prime Minister to lead them into the next general election. Mr Johnson is the second choice on 18 per cent."

Perhaps the headline should have read "Boris *not* favoured for leader" instead.


angela said...

Tories might want David Cameron to take party into next election. That doesn't mean they don't want Boris as PM more than they want DC as PM. #justsaying

AdamB said...

Er, yes actually that is exactly what it means. They want DC as their Prime Minister not Boris.