Friday, 7 September 2012

Boris Johnson gives up Londoners for leadership bid

When Boris Johnson ran for re-election he promised that he could get a better deal for Londoners from government.

According to his manifesto:

"I have shown that, unlike my predecessor, I have been able to work with the government to get a better deal for London"

Yes unlike that tricksy Ken Livingstone, Boris would use his close relationship with government to ensure more jobs and investment for Londoners.

So how's that special relationship working out?

A furious David Cameron is planning revenge on Boris Johnson after the London mayor launched a series of attacks on the prime minister’s “fudge-arama” over the future of Heathrow airport...

"We will see what happens the next time he comes around with the begging bowl,” said one Downing Street official."

Not that well then:

"Mr Cameron could withhold government support for projects Mr Johnson regards as vital to the capital, unless the mayor tones down his attacks on the government. These include a new rail line from Chelsea to Hackney dubbed Crossrail II, and a tunnel under the Thames at Silvertown."

That would be same tunnel that Boris announced as a done deal just before the election. What else could be held back?

"The mayor also pledged in his election campaign this year to press the government to give responsibility for rail franchises to City Hall and in July established a commission to investigate whether London could retain more of the money it hands to the Treasury in tax."

Still at least Boris's own future job prospects are looking up.

Just don't hold your breath for that "better deal" we were all promised.


Anonymous said...

The begging bowl was needed in 2010-11 due to the Mayor's incompetence, when he let Anthony Brown forget to put a bid for London funds into the CSR process.
They'll need it again in 2013-14 when the patched-up settlement is reduced to a trickle.

AdamB said...

Cue yet another battle over police numbers no doubt.