Friday, 4 July 2014

TfL refuse to reveal complaints about 'new Routemaster' buses

Passengers have reported oppressively hot conditions on the buses.
Transport for London have refused to reveal the number of complaints they have received about Boris Johnson's 'new Routemaster' buses, saying it would be too expensive to count them.

TfL say any attempt to count the complaints would "easily exceed the appropriate limit" for freedom of information requests

I had asked TfL to reveal how many complaints they had received about

1) Heat on the buses
2) Passengers being unable to board/alight via the rear platform/door
3) Unpleasant odours on the buses.

TfL refused on all counts.

I submitted the request following widespread reports of excessive heat and unpleasant odours on the buses.

I also wanted to find out the strength of public feeling after I revealed the extent to which the supposedly 'hop-on, hop-off platforms' are being routinely and in some cases permanently closed.

One rumour circulating at City Hall is that Johnson is seriously considering modifying the buses to allow the upstairs windows to open.

This was flatly denied by a senior TfL source I contacted yesterday. We shall see.